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A. Authorizations:

Revelation University is authorized as a religious institution by the United States Department of Education. You can check the list of authorized institutions on the Department of Education's website: Education Department.

E. Accreditations:

Revelation University holds accreditation from the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC), an independent organization that assesses the quality of higher education at an international level. ASIC aims to provide reliable and objective information to students and the education sector through an accreditation system based on clear and well-defined criteria. By being accredited by ASIC, Revelation University demonstrates that it is a high-quality institution with adequate resources, student support, and professional ethics. Our international accreditation allows students to understand the reality and prestige of our institution.

Academic Agreements: These are the institutions that accept credits from our university:

I. Grace Christian University: This university, founded in 1939, has a mission to educate brave ambassadors of Christ who positively impact the world. Students who have completed their Bachelor's or Associate's degrees in Theology and Biblical Studies at Revelation University can continue their studies at Grace by transferring 60 credits from their program. In this way, Revelation University candidates will have the opportunity to be part of an accredited and quality academic community. They can choose from the following Bachelor's programs: Business, Leadership and Ministry, Psychology, and Human Services. These programs will equip them with the necessary skills to better serve their society and the workforce. This agreement was established in August 2023 and is the result of a strategic collaboration between the two universities.

II. ECHAM Theological University is an institution committed to contextual theological education for the Hispanic church, with the goal of training its leaders for ministry and community service. ECHAM offers various programs that include the study of Sacred Scriptures and ministerial practice. Through this agreement, REVELATION students can access these programs to enrich their theological education. Likewise, ECHAM students can take advantage of the programs offered by Revelation University according to their interests. Additionally, Bachelor's graduates from Revelation University, supported by ECHAM's agreement with Western Theological Seminary, can pursue postgraduate studies in Master of Arts and Doctorate in Ministry at WTS.

III. International Reciprocity Board for Therapeutic Professional Counselors (IRBO): Founded in 2004, IRBO adopted international standards developed by IC&RC to assess a candidate's competence in Detection, Evaluation and Engagement, Counseling, Treatment Planning, Collaboration and Referral, and Professional Ethics. IRBO provides certification for qualified counselors in the field of counseling for alcohol and drugs.

III. Capellanes de la Policía Federal Internacional, Inc:

Although the word "chaplain" does not appear in the Bible, the responsibilities associated with it are indeed found in the Scriptures.

The most important role of a chaplain is to provide religious services, spiritual guidance, and counseling to those in need. For instance, a chaplain working in a hospital or palliative care center offers spiritual counseling and guidance to patients, their families, and even the hospital staff.

Traditionally, a chaplain is a clergy member or lay representative of a religious tradition affiliated with a secular institution such as a hospital, prison, military unit, school, union, company, police department, fire department, university, or private institution. They often have a designated chapel or space for religious services.

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